I`m Not A Girl Not Yet A Woman

I used to think
I had the answers to everything
But now I know
Life doesn't always
Go my way, yeah...
Feels like I'm caught in the middle
That's when I realize...

Let Me Be

You try to read me
You try to figure out
You try to breathe me
But you can't blow me out
You try to feel me
But I'm so out of touch
I won't be falling

I Love Rock and Roll

Hey!? Is this thing on?
I saw him dancing there by the record machine
I knew he must have been about seventeen
The beat was going strong
Playing my favourite song


My heart won't skip a beat
I never look before I leap
Right. Just enjoy the ride
Don't need a reason why
Everything's alright..
And you will find

Before The Goodbye

Layin' here in your arms and you hold me tight, tight
Tryin' not to watch the clock tick, tickin' as the time goes by
And I know that you best be on your way, but I'm wishin' I could make you stay
Stay with me forever


Oo, I see you over there
Don't be shy
Come here, um!

You got that thing that I can't deny So move it over here, oh yeah! You're giving signs that I recognize* Say what you want, oh yeah

Baby, there's something about you
Show me, that nothing can hold you down

I Will Never Stop Loving You

They say in this world
Nothing last forever
But I don't believe that's true
'Cause the way that I feel

Walk On By

I'm coming down with a heartache tonight
Only you can make it all right
If I can't be with you holding you tight
There won't be no more in your life

Everywhere I turn

Autumn Goodbye

I never promised you a happy ending
You never said you wouldn't make me cry
but summer love will keep us warm long after
our autumn goodbye, autumn goodbye
autumn goodbye

I'm So Curious

So curious, so curious

I'm so curious about our love
I don't understand
Why you don't take my hand
And tell me you care
I see all the signs

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